Music Line Up


Intimate Duo with Guitarist Aaron Dugan and Spiritual Dialogue Workshop w/ Pir Netanel

Matisyahu brings his acoustic show to HeartFire Festival 2019 following sold-out performances of this intimate duo format in Performing Arts Centers around the US. Described by the Miami New Times as “tremendous, zen-like, and enlightening,” Matisyahu brings these stripped back versions of his chart-topping songs, deep catalogue, as well as new and unreleased material to Upstate New York for one-night only. The show features long-time and original Live at Stubbs guitarist Aaron Dugan. Presented in its most raw form, Matisyahu will highlight his repertoire allowing his voice and beat-boxing, paired with inventive guitar arrangements, to expand through a lyrical intensity and musical improvisation. This format naturally digs deep into the meaning of the song itself, and lays Matisyahu’s spiritual journey bare, bringing a closeness to the artist-fan relationship.


Watch Video: Matisyahu – One Day (Official Video)





“Hearing Matis sing acoustic was nothing less than a spiritual experience. His voice soared, on point and pure, never once faltering…Anyone who was present at last night’s show witnessed something magical. Many walked away with a sense of peace and pride. Matis is one hell of a musician…”

– Miami New Times


“Matisyahu left audience members in awe last night at Memorial Auditorium after a two-hour program of song and discussion…The duo soared through “Thunder,” “Jerusalem,” “On Nature” and “Youth,” closing each song with a few minutes of vigorous beatboxing and improvisation…You wanted to scream, but I was speechless.”

– Stanford Daily


“From Jerusalem and Warrior to Indestructible, fans raised their hands, as if Matis was singing their gospel. And it wasn’t just the 20-something crowd reveling in the mood; there were Jewish moms, grandmas … kids and old men… I even caught a stoic security guard nodding with the music and laughing with the banter.”

– Tampabay.com


“When you listen to Matisyahu, his passion transcends through his music as it is, but watching it unfold live is an entirely different experience, in the best way…The acoustic evening with Matisyahu was truly a moving and spiritual show. He made you feel like you were along on the musical journey with him. It was such a calming and enjoyable experience. His connection with god is as inspiring as his music. He’s an amazing singer, great lyricist, tremendous performer and awe-inspiring soul”

– Creative Loafing


Learn More: matisyahuworld.com

Desert Dwellers

World Electronic Music for Dance and Yoga

Desert Dwellers  is the convergence of music producers Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who honed their individual crafts in the mystical deserts of California and New Mexico, long before electronic music reached mainstream. Amani and Treavor combine the raw sounds of the natural world, wrapped in dance-floor and chill-out productions; blending deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices, and cross-cultural instrumentation into a sonic incense for the mind and body. Desert Dwellers’ unique global sounds are a bridge between worlds, and their label Desert Trax has become a platform to spotlight similar alchemical artists.


Brought together in the late ‘90s through the legendary Moontribe gatherings, in 2019 the duo celebrated their 20th anniversary of making music together, adding depth to their reputation as a pioneering and prolific downtempo, psybass, and tribal-house act from the United States. The culmination of two decades of partnership has forged their Beatport #1 selling electronica album BREATH, out on Black Swan Sounds, which features more than 20 musicians and vocalists over a 10-track nomadic journey.


Desert Dwellers’ studio output is matched only by their extensive touring history, which juxtaposes performances at America’s most iconic festivals like Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, and Coachella, with high-powered sets at the biggest trance festivals around the world; BOOM in Portugal and Rainbow Serpent in Australia. Desert Dwellers are equally at home in the clubs as they are in the yoga studios, and the jungles, deserts, and mountains of far-flung international festivals.


Learn More: desertdwellers.org

Living Light

Entrancing Dub and Body-moving Uptempo Electronica

Entrancing dub and body-moving uptempo electronic opuses are the hallmark of the Living Light sound, blending global beats, indigenous voices, swirling symphonic melodies, and a dash of psychedelia that has lit up audiences coast to coast. Eartha Harris officially launched her Living Light project in 2012 having spent half a decade behind the keyboards in the pioneering live electronic hybrid Psylab.


She now has three full albums and two EP’s under the Living Light name, her most recent release titled “The Great Attractor” on Desert Dwellers’ Desert Trax label in 2018, in addition to compilation appearances on Merkaba Music and Sofa Beats compilations, and official remixes for Papadosio, CloZee, Wildlight, Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, and many more heavy-hitters on the festival circuit.


The name “Living Light” has multiple interpretations, and simultaneously refers to living non-materialistically, maintaining a positive outlook, and all life originating from star-stuff.


Learn More: livinglightmusic.info

Liquid Bloom

DJ Set with Amani Friend

For nearly two decades, Amani Friend has also been at the helm of the global-electronic project Liquid Bloom. Feeling equally at home on the international festival dance circuit, in the Yoga studio, and in the more subtle sonic spaces reserved for intentional ceremonies guided by ancient allies, the wide-ranging artist collective under the umbrella of the Liquid Bloom project spans distance, time, and dimensions of mind. As one half of Desert Dwellers, Amani brings his dance floor guidance and experience to harness a deeper, transportive journey, giving as much weight to calm and the serene as to the ecstatic groove. As founder of Liquid Bloom, he has guided the project through its many lives, and its many rebirths at the hands of remixers AtYyA, Numatik, and Mose to name a few. The Liquid Bloom experience unfolds in a multitude of incarnations. Amani is able to craft deep, entrancing journeys during his solo DJ sets.


SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/liquidbloom


Learn More: liquidbloom.com


Drawing on varying influences both musical and spiritual, Incus stands beyond simple definition in it’s musicality and style.

During the last many years, Incus toured countless miles, making music at various festivals including Envision Festival, Burning Man, Unifier Festival, DiscJam, PermaJam, Zen Awakening, Devotionfest, Gratifly Festival, Boston Green Fest, 3DL, Firedance, and at various venues in the US and in Central America.

An Incus  performance is a gathering of people who come together to live and breathe the fullness of being alive.  With the ability to get crowds sweating in their dance and singing from their hearts, the band is equally at home onstage, plugged in or acoustic, in cathedrals with choirs, or at festivals around the country. They have gained appreciative followings from these diverse settings.

Jason Cohen, the visionary force of the band, has been producing powerful healing and expressive arts gatherings with a focus on reverence for nature, and inspiring people through creativity, for many years.   He is a big part of an exciting Land project in Massachusetts, is the Director of a 501c3 “The HeARTbeat Collective”, and curates New England’s premier Summer Solstice event, Unifier Festival. Jason is also known for his work producing 34 Forestdance gatherings, which have taken place in 7 US states and 12 times in Costa Rica. 

Incus has 3 studio albums and 1 live album recorded at Alex Grey’s COSM.  Their latest full length release is entitled “Reconciliation”. 


Incus weaves together and honors Land, Ceremony, Culture Creation, Ecstatic Experience, Creativity and Community, and acts as an inspiring carrier of the wisdom and song of this work.

Jason Cohen: vocals and keys

Debo Ray: vocals & percussion

Esperanza Yennie: vocals & percussion

Brian Wolverton: Surbarhar

Thomas Matherly: Bass

Jed Blume: tablas and percussion


New Warrior Song outro clip    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DKVS8GSTCI
What Am I    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M92AggAy_Yo

Original Currency

Hermetic Hip Hop with YashAkasha, Treaphort & Amor

Primordial presence meets purposed creative flow… and it’s fresh to death.


Celebrated ecstatic DJ and producer, Treaphort, and interdimensionally touring MC, YashAkasha, have joined forces with a striking and powerful vocalist named Amor, to form a Renaissance Triad like no other. Together they co-create the ultimate Hip Hop fusion for the Current Era. The grooves make you move, the vocals are rich and rootsy, and the lyricism is right on the money. Through the ancient codex of rhythm and rhyme, we gain access to a secret alphabet, a universal language, and a supreme intelligence.


In the past decade, Amor has toured internationally as a professional vocalist and dancer, performing over 200 shows in 23 different countries. In 2012, she performed a Hip Hop song in front of the president of Taiwan — on national television — with 150,000 viewers. Bringing timeless melodies and catchy hooks into the mix, Amor diversifies and punctuates the sound of driving rhyme-schemes with the fluidity of sacred invocations and prophetic proclamations for the changing times.


Treaphort is a well-respected architect of ecstatic sounds, who has been plugged into the international dance circuit for a decade and has been producing and DJing for almost two decades, since the age of 13. He is the founder of Golden Turtle Sound, co-director of Rainbow Lightning, and co-founder of Original Currency. 


YashAkasha has been performing poetry on big stages and rhyming with a passion since his very earliest childhood memories. Soon after his first homemade music video quickly gained thousands of views, his song for Standing Rock was selected as a finalist for a Hip Hop competition by Talib Kweli and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. He then went on to release his first album, Rapture (2017), which was well-received, including press coverage in Delumin/a online journal, and completed three nation-wide tours by the age of 22.


Learn More: Original-Currency.com

Dream Seed Shamanic Sound Healing

With ensemble members Matt, Shola, AJ, Brooke & more TBA!

Dream Seed is a two-hour sound bath hosted by members of Golden Drum and Didge Project. Shamanic chanting, mantras, overtone singing, Native American songs, indigenous music, didgeridoos, crystal singing bowls, bells, gongs, harmoniums, tuning forks and other overtone-emitting instruments are used to create an environment conducive to deep relaxation and inward investigation. Participants are led through guided meditations and sound healing practices designed to harmonize body, mind and spirit.


“Tonight’s event was a spiritual ceremony first and a concert second. Not because the music wasn’t the most transcendent but because the function felt like it was to to connect with our souls and to elevate us and to heal us rather than simply to deliver music for enjoyment or entertainment.


It was the sound of the soul to align the souls to the greater spirit and it was effective and it was really powerful and it was spontaneous. It was loving. It brought us to the peace that does surpass understanding.”

— Alex Grey


Learn More: dreamseedsound.com

Persian Music Ensemble & Sufi Whirling

with Juliet Rabia Gentile & Company

Persian Music Ensemble’s music is infused with the lyrical poetry of Rumi and Hafez, as well as Sufi repertoire including Turkish Sacred songs (Illahi), Persian Ghazal, and Arabic folk songs. Instrumentation includes the rich sound of the Persian Setar, the Arabic Oud and world percussion.


Juliet Rabia Gentile is a student of sufism, writer and performance artist. She holds an MA from Sarah Lawrence College and a BA from New School University. She is a spiritual representative of her teacher Shaykha Fariha Fatima of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Community. Juliet has led prayer ceremonies and lectured widely on Sufism throughout New York City at venues including: the U.N. General Assembly, Riverside Church, Barnard College, Cathedral St. John the Divine, New York Open Center, Union Theological, Auburn Seminary, Museum of Jewish Heritage and One Spirit Learning Alliance. Juliet is a vocalist and percussionist in several ensembles including American Sufi Project, I Guillari di Piazza, and Persian Music Ensemble. She also teaches Sufi Sema (whirling) both privately and in groups in NYC.


April Centrone is a versatile performer of drumset in the genres of hard rock, jazz, funk, world, progressive and avante-garde. Her other trademark is as a performer and educator of the riqq (Arabic tambourine), as well as the darbekkeh (goblet drum) and frame drum. For almost ten years, she was student of master Lebanese/Palestinian percussionist, Michel Baklouk Merhej, and studied Arabic music and its other instruments, including the ‘ud (Arabic lute), buzuq (Arabic ‘saz’) and violin. She has performed with renowned Arab artists such as Marcel Khalife, Ziad Rahbani, Bassam Saba, Charbel Rouhana and Najib Shaheen. Centrone is the executive director and co-founder of the New York Arabic Orchestra.


Amin Sarshar is originally from Hamadan, Iran and has performed with various ensembles. He was also classically trained to sing Persian ghazals under the Persian Dastagh system. He received his PHD in mechanical engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology.


Learn More: julietgentile.org

Josh Hines feat. Rachael Sessions

Sacred Songs and Prayers

From a cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania to a yoga studio in Princeton to a sanctuary at a holistic retreat center in the Hudson valley, Josh Hines has touched the lives of many through his music that inspires his audiences to open their hearts, and his presence that illuminates the path on their journey inward to peace and harmony through love. Beyond being a gifted singer/song-writer, Josh is also an energy medicine practitioner. He offers workshops and one-on-one spiritual coaching sessions based on his knowledge and experience of holistic health and nada yoga (the yoga of sound).

 Josh’s gift and mission is to serve the world as a bridge between the wisdom and grace of folk music, the balance and alignment of yoga practice, and the principles and energy of holistic health. An evening with him and his music is an empowering and healing experience on multiple levels.


Learn More: sites.google.com/view/joshuadavidhines

Adrian DiMatteo

Adrian DiMatteo is an international performing and recording artist, music educator and sound healer with over 17 years’ experience in the music world. He performs original songs and carries sacred chants and mantras from ancient cultures. He is also the creator of “Guitar Chords Dictionary”, an iOS app for aspiring guitarists of all levels. Adrian teaches guitar, voice, music theory, songwriting and the principles of sound healing. His workshops, lessons and private sessions draw upon both technical academic expertise and ancient spiritual knowledge passed down by elders. Adrian regularly facilitates and takes part in healing retreats and workshops around the world, including service for hospitals, senior centers, and children’s programs. He is a passionate educator who understands that creativity and heart-centered self-expression are keys to a healthy life.


Recorded with Grammy-winning Andean flute master Tito la Rosa

Performed with Joanne Shenandoah at the Heart and Mind Festival in New York City

International tour with Jai Jagdeesh

Regularly performs for NYU Hospitals, Coney Island Hospital, Bronx Calvary Hospital and other senior and children’s centers in the Greater NYC area

International performances in 30+ countries

Degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Eastman School of Music

Learn more: 


 With Brooke Gillespie

Brooke Gillespie’s mission is to be in service to awaken peace for humanity through music, healing, and education, and to reconnect people to the traditions and indigenous knowledge of the Earth. Brooke is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino and a member of the Golden Drum. Brooke is a founding member of Dream Seed: A Shamanic Sound Journey. She is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, working with guitar, ngoni, harmonium, violin, flutes, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and many other instruments. Brooke is currently working on a new album project called OHANA and a new Dream Seed album.


From the Redwood forests of Northern California, •ITO• brings a musical vibration of peace,  love,  and harmony to the stage. The four-piece consciousness based group, as well as the solo looping experience, combines eastern philosophy with psychedelic rock, folk, reggae, and soul to create a self-titled new genre: Spirit Jam. The first EP entitled “Barefoot” is a six song collection of softer songs released in the summer of 2017. Now, in the process of recording a full length album called “Spirit of the Redwoods”, •ITO• plans to extend the vibration farther. This album will be an ode to lead singer, Galen Deery’s, inspiration of the Redwood forest where most of the songs were written. The message love, harmony, and beauty is continually supported by meditation and mantric chanting practice. 

More TBA Soon!