Healers’ Village

Intuitive Body Tune-Ups

With Nirete Amor Llopis

Nirete Amor Llopis has devoted herself to exploring and increasing her understating of the innate wisdom of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Nirete offers unique curated sessions which include 5 Elements Psychology, Plant Spirit healing, bodywork, soul retrieval, and embodiment and nature based practices. Her intention is to assist individuals in cultivating deep transformation, growth, and overall mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Intuitive Body Tune-Ups

With Jessica James

Jess James, a.k.a Yaweyah, is a sacred journeys guide who has been walking the healing arts path for over 9 years. Yaweyah specializes in transformational journeys that guide you into a deeper sense of peace, ease, and confidence in your mind, body, and spirit. She intuitively weaves together the modalities of reiki, massage therapy, life coaching, voice activation, primal breath work, womb meditation, and sound healing to encourage the connection to your primal innocence and wild truth. With a prayerful intention imbued into every breath and session, she delicately curates a space to bring into alignment all of the many facets of your being.

Akashic Record Readings

With Delaney Dwight

Delaney is a Self-Transformation and Self-Empowerment guide, leader, and coach. She is also a Reiki Master, Akashic Channel, and Alchemist. Her intention is to be of service to those ready to tune in deeper to their body, mind, soul, and wild leadership power. She holds the space for her belief that beneath all of the stories – that you are perfect as you are.

Structural Integration

With Alex Willen

In service to the public since 2008 and honing abilities in touch since his youth, Alex combines his experience, passion, and innate abilities to support others in their journey. Alex utilizes Structural Integration manual therapy techniques, assisted stretching, movement, mindfulness centered somatics, and more in his practice, Wholesome Therapies, which serves Boulder and Denver counties.


Learn More: WholesomeTherapies.com

Tibetan Cranial

With Brian of Archeus Arts

Brian is a facilitator of sacred energy moving through the body. He opens up space for people to drop in and experience a deeper connection to themselves, a greater understanding of their innate wisdom, and a peaceful sense of relaxation and well-being. He blends Traditional Thai and Tok Sen Massage, Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage, Tibetan Cranial, and Energy Psychology to facilitate rehabilitation and improve human functioning. He is a trained and certified Katukina Kambo Provider with the Katukina Tribe in Acre, Brazil, a licensed massage therapist, and a certified Detoxification Specialist with the International School of Detoxification. He is fascinated with the universal system of medicine uniting the wholeness of plants, planets, and people. He strives for eternal Yūgen.

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